This Week’s Haul

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m suffering from common cold right now, yes you got that right–suffering. I loathe having a cold and not to mention what comes after it (cough and flu!!). I’ve been feeling sick since Thursday evening but I thought it was just the lack of sleep. Last friday it finally got worse. My head ached, I had runny nose and it hurts because I constantly have to wipe my nose. I really hate feeling and being sick especially because I have mild asthma and when I get sick like this, it’s really hard to breathe.

Anyway, back to the other situation… I told you guys that I promised myself not to spend, right? Well, I broke that promise. I broke it many times. Whoops. I also told you guys that I’m having a hard time finding the right shades of lipstick for me. Well I bought 2 Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick and a Nichido lipstick. Do I think I suit them? We’ll find out because I’ll be doing a review soon.

So the other day, my classmate Alaina brought some of the cute socks that she’s selling from Korea. I got a little out of hand and bought three; one for myself, one for my soon-to-be (lol) and one for you guys!!! Yep, as I’ve said before, I will be hosting a giveaway this month and you’ll be having one cute pair of socks together with some awesome goodies! I’m actually hyped about it. Lol. Another thing I’m hyped about is this book called “Red Queen“. I’ve recently bought it on NBS because I was itching to read a new book and I was curious about the story. I may post a review about it if not this week, it’ll probably be up next week. Woah. So many pending posts!! Lol.

Last thing on my haul is this H&M black pumps. I didn’t plan on buying it. I went to SM Clark last Friday to check if I could find a mic condenser for my DSLR to be used on our documentary but they didn’t have it there. As I was passing by, I thought why not check H&M and Forever21 since I’m there and all, so I went to H&M first. I saw that some of the items were on sale. I immediately saw these shoes. I was supposed to buy a black ankle boots with platform heels but I needed this pumps more. I resisted the urge to buy both and believe me it was so hard. I just figured I will need this heels for our school’s corpo attire and for seminars and other events. I didn’t have the time to visit F21 because I was scared I might spend money again so I ditched it. l.o.l

So I guess that’s it for this week. I’m planning to join a paluwagan so I won’t spend too much. Haha. (Paluwagan is a form of informal money lending-saving system in the PH. I actually don’t know how to explain it.)

How’s your week?


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