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Lately I’ve been reading books again. It felt good to get lost in literature. I feel like I’ve never felt this way for so long. I lost plenty of sleep because of this but it was definitely worth it.

I’ll tell you this: I rarely buy books that I haven’t read in digital format. Meaning to say, I read their e-book version first before buying the physical book. I know it sounds weird. But, to my defense, I do it because I don’t want to waste money on books that I don’t like. So I make sure I like it first before I buy it. Anyway, there’s this poetry book I found online (actually, i found it through another blog) which I thought wasn’t available here in the Philippines because her name isn’t familiar. I was dying to read the book because I was intrigued of the book’s name which is Milk and Honey. The minimalism of the book cover makes me love it even more. And so I was surprised one time, when I found it in a local bookstore. I couldn’t buy it that time due to the fact that I was refraining myself from impulse buying and my budget was short. When I went back a few weeks later, to my disappointment, they ran out of stocks.

Then a few weeks ago, I downloaded the Shopee app because I was so bored and I wanted to entertain myself by scrolling through online shops. I decided to search for books. And tada!!! I found Milk and Honey. Without hesitation, I bought it. I was super ecstatic when it finally arrived!!! I actually re-read it over and over again.

The poems here in this book are going to hit you straight to the heart. I love Rupi Kaur’s words. It hurts and it heals. I don’t know why, but i find it amazing how words are stitched together to form billions of emotions. Here are some of the poems that stuck to me:


The next book I recently read is called The Wonderful Man by Edward Monkton. It was Sunday and we were at the mall. I went to Book Sale, a local store for pre-owned books, and saw this. At first, I thought it was some kind of children’s book. I guess it is but I’m not quite sure. I read it and it put a huge smile on my lips. It is a kind of book that has a few pages but it will leave you happy and warm. As you can see, the spine of the book is torn. It wasn’t originally like that. One night, I left the book on our couch and Smokey (our persian cat) and Toby (our puppy) kind of played with it so it ended up looking like that. But seriously, though, this book is so nice not just because it talks about niceness and all that, but it has a moral lesson.

So these books are what kept me busy this month! I’m hoping to discover new reads like these.

 How about you, what are your recent reads?


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