This Week’s Haul


Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m suffering from common cold right now, yes you got that right–suffering. I loathe having a cold and not to mention what comes after it (cough and flu!!). I’ve been feeling sick since Thursday evening but I thought it was just the lack of sleep. Last friday it finally got worse. My head ached, I had runny nose and it hurts because I constantly have to wipe my nose. I really hate feeling and being sick especially because I have mild asthma and when I get sick like this, it’s really hard to breathe.

Anyway, back to the other situation…

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Hello! I haven’t posted a ‘life recently’ blog in a while so I decided to go ahead and share you what has been happening lately. It’s 12:02 am right now while I’m writing this. “Why are you still up?”, you may ask but welp I really don’t know. I’m torn between getting some shut-eye and blog hopping-slash-blogging and as you can see, I chose the latter. Ha!

School works have been piling up because of the delays of deadlines since last month. As you may or may not know, I’m graduating this June so I needed to get my thesis and docu and other school-related stuff done a.s.a.p. I really want to graduate on time and I do believe I will. These past few days, I’m really pumped up on getting things done which is really weird because most of the time I always choose to procrastinate. My body was still on vacation-mode last January-mid of February so I felt kind of lazy all the time. Good thing I overcame that phase and I seriously hope I stay motivated like this until the end of the semester. 

So a while ago, I went to the mall to buy a new lipstick because my go-to lipstick went missing. I seriously don’t remember where I put it or where it went. So lately, I feel kind of conscious about the lipsticks I wear because they’re just not the right lipstick. If you know what I mean. Anyway, back to the story… I went to the mall inorder to buy a new ‘everyday-lipstick’. I looked for other brands to try and maybe find new shades that will suit me because I kid you not I only own the same shades in different brands. My lipstick shades are composed of brown and a darker brown (more like maroon-brown but you get what i’m sayin). I’m seriously frustrated with myself because everytime I try a new shade, it won’t suit me. Or so I think. Maybe I’m just not used to other shades because I’ve been using the same shade for a long time? I don’t know. On my last post, I said that I won’t be spending for a few weeks but I’m really driven to look for a lipstick that I’ll do everything to sacrifice and hurt my wallet. I’m that desperate.

On other news, it’s my domain’s 6th monthsarry on the 17th (or birthday?)!  So I’m planning to have a giveaway and will probably be posting about the giveaway later this week or early next week. I actually wanted to host it last December as a birthday + Christmas giveaway but if you’re around here for a long time, you’d know our internet got disconnected around that time. We still don’t have internet connection btw but I managed to find a way to get wifi through my phone’s hotspot. Phew! The sad news is that, the giveaway is only available for residents of the Philippines. I’m quite clueless on how to send stuff overseas through post office. I know that certain couriers offer international shipping but it’s a bit pricey for me. He he  Keep posted for this one!

What have you been up to lately?


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Book Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover



Hi guys! I bought Maybe Someday on National Book Store last week!!! My brother, cousin and I were just strolling at the mall one day after church practice when my eyes wandered across the bookstore and accidentally saw this book. I could not believe they have Maybe Someday there, I was like “FINALLY!!!” and then I immediately dragged the both of them inside. Haha.
I’ve read this book a hundred times (i’m exaggerating lol) on its ebook version and it’s one of the books I will never get tired of re-reading. Colleen Hoover is wrote this book along with other amazing books such as Point of Retreat which I bought last January (and is included on my January faves). Since today’s blog post is all about this book, I thought might as well share a quick review for you guys.

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gray ribbed top + bandage skirt


Ribbed top  ― Online shop (similar, similar) / Bandage skirt  ― H&M (similar) / Ballet flats ― Solemates / Suede bag ― Parisian


Ribbed tops are the b.o.m.b. I actually have three of them in different colors (black, gray and white). I find them cute and so comfy to wear. I even wear them to sleep (hihi because I could not take them off). I usually wear this kind of top with joni jeans or bandage skirts or even A-line skirts. For this outfit, I partnered my gray ribbed top with my H&M bandage skirt that i snagged from a local thrift store for only 100 php!!! It is definitely 100% a steal! To be honest, I’m not really into wearing skin-tight clothes (especially skirts) because I get too conscious but this skirt really gives me confidence and comfort at the same time! Thank God I found this skirt before someone else did because that would’ve been a bummer. lol

We still don’t have internet connection at home right now and I’m still using my hotspot to connect. I did buy a lot of artsy and organizing stuff last week so I will probably post a mini haul or just feature some of the things I bought in my future posts. We’ll see.

Do you own any ribbed top? What’s your take on these kind of tops?

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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

how i edit my instagram photos

I get a few compliments here and there about my instagram feed and how it looks. Believe me, I’m not bragging or anything because I know that my feed is sooo far from perfect. L.O.L My feed has gone through a long process of growing and finding its style. I’m actually going for a clean-looking feed right now. Lately, I rarely post photos that are too colorful because as much as possible, I keep in mind that the photos should only have neutral colors.

Whenever I get compliments about my insta feed, it makes me really happy. They often ask me how I edit my photos or what filters do I use. So, for this blog post I will be sharing you how I edit my insta photos! 

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we’re here to stay


Lately I’ve been feeling quite stressed and restless because of school works and my other responsibilities. It has been physically and emotionally draining me out making me constantly worry about every thing. So, when I’m home and alone, I listen to this particular playlist that I made which is made up of songs from different artists.

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January Faves


Hello guys! After a long hiatus, I’m finally back. Last December, my mother decided to disconnect our WiFi plan (Globe) because it’s suuuuper slow. She applied for a PLDT DSL plan on the first week of January and we still don’t have an internet connection up until now. I’m telling you, it’s really hard having no wifi. I’m using my phone’s hotspot to use wifi in my laptop. I’ll probably go to PLDT tomorrow to follow-up the wifi installation. So, now you know basically why I haven’t posted in a long time. Huhu. I missed blogging so much.
Anyways, here are my favorites for the month of January!


Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover (Php 599, National Bookstore)
I’ve read this book on its ebook version in 2013 and I loved it so much. I’ve actually read almost all of Colleen’s books because they are so so so good. Back then, I couldn’t find her books here in Tarlac because the branch here only sells mainstream authors. So basically, there’s no variety. But when I saw this book on the stand, I couldn’t help but buy it. Point of Retreat is the second book in the Slammed series. It still is one of my fave all time series.

H Woman Body Mist (Php 180*, Tupperware*)
I am actually not sure of the price and where I bought it (I don’t know if the supplier is tupperware, avon or what) but the smell is really good. I’ve received numerous of compliments about this. My lolas actually want to purchase this and I was also planning to buy another one but when I ordered it on the boutique, they said that it’s already out of stock. I hope they re-stock though because I don’t want to constantly change the colognes I wear.

Cross Necklace (Php 250, Zalora PH)
I’ve been wanting to buy a cross necklace for so long and when I downloaded Zalora’s app, I searched for it and BAM! A stainless cross necklace for only 250 with free shipping! SAY WHAT? I love wearing it almost everyday, even on school days, even when it doesn’t match my outfit.

Nude Wallet (Php 300, SM Dept. Store)
I didn’t plan on buying this wallet but being silly me, I bought this one on impulse. I saw it and then I went straight to the cashier. I really love it though. It has a coin purse in it that is removable so it’s like a 2-in-1 wallet thing.

MeNow Kissproof Lipstick (Php 145, Online shop)
I got a lot of compliments from using this one. So many people have asked where I bought it, what shade I use (this one is #15), etc. My friends even ordered their own. I bought this one because I really like matte lipsticks. I’ve never heard this product before but I just had to buy it because the color was pretty and I’m a sucker for lipsticks. Anyway, this product is really good but I don’t recommend wearing it everyday because it dries my lips so fast (it’s matte, Bee. duh) but it’s prolly bec I have dry lips. Lol.

I guess that’s it for this post. I’ll update you again real soon and I hope we already have legit internet connection by then. *fingers crossed*

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