My Family’s Health Practices + TIPS!


We all know that health shouldn’t be neglected especially when it comes to family; health should always be taken seriously. 


As a child, I was the full-on junk food eater. I was always under the sun and even out on rainy days because I like playing in the rain, pretending I’m some sort of supernatural being with a water element power. Lol. Due to my adventurousness (*wink), let’s just say I get sick AND scolded a lot. Growing up, I learned that taking care of one’s health is really important. Along the way, I’ve learned and picked up some healthy habits and practices of my family. Just to name a few, here are some of my family’s health practices:

1. Sleep early, wake up early / Have atleast 8 hours of sleep.
I’ve been grown accustomed to sleeping late because of uni responsibilities which makes me feel groggy and tired the next morning. My dad would always remind us to sleep early and he always wake us up with a loud knock on the door almost every morning. Lol. We all have different definition of what “early” is, but for me, my normal routine is I sleep at 10 pm and wake up mostly at 7am.

2. Pray, pray, pray.
Our family believes that health is not just physical. Having a healthy spiritual relationship with God is a must because He is the source of our physical, spiritual and emotional strength.

3. Always eat breakfast
Start the day with a full stomach. Never leave your house with an empty stomach! You’ll feel irritated and restless and very annoyed. Also, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t forget to eat!

4. Drink lots of water.
My dad posted a urine color chart on our door to remind us that we should always drink lots of water to avoid being dehydrated. It actually helps because that way, we keep posted and motivated to drink and stay hydrated!

5. Drink your medicine when sick.

I hate drinking meds. Whenever I get signs of common cold, I just treat it with water therapy. WATER ISN’T ENOUGH. Common cold—if not treated immediately—could lead to cough which in my case happens a lot. I hate it when I have cough because it’s extremely painful and it’s hard for me to breathe. This is why I drink Solmux to get rid of it fast.

These are just few of my family’s health practices. Whenever my friends and I hang out and talk about “healthy living”, I never forget to share them these habits that really helped me. Here are some tips that I got and now am sharing for a healthier you!

  • Have a biscuit/cracker/apple in your bag ― for when you’re in line to pay your bills/tuition and you’re really really hungry, you can always trust in your baon to save the day.
  • Bring a bottle of water ― remember to always stay hydrated especially when you’re out to do errands!IMG_3466
  • Have a mini medicine kit ― it’s wise to have your own kit for emergency purposes because you never know when you’ll need it or when others will need it so we must always be prepared. Have trusted medicines in your kit like Biogesic for headaches or menstrual cramps; Solmux and Neozep for bad cough and runny nose, colds; Alaxan FR for muscle pain; Bioflu for bodyaches, fever and flu; Enervon for your thesis (lol) for when you need more energy to get works done; and Diatabs for when your stomach acts up and you’re in full mode red alert, there’s no more need to panic because Loperamide Diatabs is there to the rescue.

What are some health tips that you can share? Are there health practices that you got from your family?

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