Dress — SM Woman CAREER (similar) / Shoes — HUE Manila (similar, similar)

I badly need to stop looking awkward in my photos. Yikes. My aunt is kind enough to actually take most of my outfit shots probably because I keep nagging her about it. Thank you, Tita. I was sweating a lot when we took these photos a while ago because of the crappy weather we have right now here in PH. It kind of felt irritating, maybe that’s why I look awkward? Because I’m not comfortable? Pshh.. Bee, can u not? 

I also lost some weight. I mean, I really look thinner now which makes me pretty sad. I don’t know why I get thinner and thinner in time. Right now, I’m really trying so hard to gain a few pounds by actually eating 3 meals a day and a few snacks here and there. Kind of hard because I am so used to not eating breakfast. Pretty bad habit, I know! My goal is to at least reach 102 lb by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, my face is another story. I’m getting comments lately that I look young for my age. :—( I don’t know whether to feel good or bad. Haha! Maybe because I don’t use much make-up? I mean, gimme my brows and swatch me some lipstick and I’m done. I don’t really put much effort on make-up. Do I need to shake things up a bit? Or change my hairstyle? Haha. I don’t knoooooow. I’m kinda lost here. Lol. I should probably just search “HOW TO LOOK LIKE AN ADULT” im just freaking clueless lmao

Onto another update, I’m officially a degree holder. Eep! Can’t really say I’m happy to leave college because to be honest I’ll surely miss my life there. On the brighter side, I finally have time to catch up with my readings and other shenanigans while waiting. Anyway, by now you probably know that I’m currently unemployed. (so sad) I’m currently on a quest to find a stable job a.s.a.p because I am so not a homebody. Right now, I’m keeping my options open. As much as I want to have a job as fast as possible, I don’t want to regret later on, ya know?

Other than that, my heart’s truly grateful for all the blessings I’ve received this past few weeks. I’m handling life pretty well right now. *pats my own shoulder* I just need to have my motivation to blog frequently back. Oh please bring it back!! Btw, happy summer to myself and to all those who just got a break from school. I feel ya.


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  1. I think it’s just in our genes to look young until we hit 60! I just turned 25 and I’m still getting the “Are you 18?” question regularly. Congratulations on finishing! I just put in my two weeks notice at work, so I’ll be jobless by next week >_< I'm afraid for the future, but also excited for what may come next.

    Hope now that school is over, you'll be blogging more! Take care.

    1. I agree!! Thank you Nicole! I wish you the best on the path that you’re going to take. I know you can do it!

      I really do hope so! x

thank you for the lovely comment