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Acne has been one of the major problems of my skin. I almost have never experienced having a clear skin and that kind of  totally sucks. Because of it, my confidence when it comes to physical appearance became pretty low during my high school years. Until now, I still feel self conscious every time I talk to people which also makes me so anxious. It can be pretty depressing to have this struggle, I know. Right now, it’s pretty hard to have a clear skin because it’s summer here in the Philippines and the heat is so intense. It gets sweaty and irritating real fast after just being out in the sun for a few seconds. Sweat with the combination of pollution is not really the formula you need on beating acne. Luckily, I’ve found a brand that produces cosmeceutical products that are great for acne-prone skin.

For this post, I wanted to feature a korean skin care brand called “Medicube” that researches and develops treatment for acne with safe and effective ingredients. I’ve seen a lot of their video advertisements and testimonies of the product users before which made me really intrigued of what their line offers. Last February, Medicube sent me some products for this collaboration (+ more reviews soon!). So for this post, I’ll be showing you some of the products they have sent me. You can click the names and it will lead you to the website.

  1. Red Concealer
    Okay, so I still haven’t tried this one yet but I will soon! I’ve heard great reviews about this one so I’m psyched to try it myself. I’ll probably make a review about it so I’ll keep you posted on that. What I liked about this, physically, is that it looks unique. It’s my first time to see a concealer in a syringe-looking-container and it’s cute! It’s SPF 30 and claims to be long lasting and high coverage. It sounds promising!
  2. Red Cushion
    Cushions are so popular right now and I’ve seen so many in the market but when I tried this one, it felt really lightweight and it has a very high coverage! When I first applied this one, I pressed the cushion so many times and when I dabbed it onto my face, it was so thick. Lol. I’ve learned my lesson though, you should just dab it lightly because it’s really high coverage and with just a small amount, it can conceal imperfections, especially acne.
  3. Red Body Bar
    This body bar treats back acne by gently removing skin waste with foam. It’s clinically tested for sensitive skin.

4. Red Centellaca Mask
One of the many things that comes to my mind when I think of Korea is face mask! This face mask comes with a 3-step formula. Step 1, the foam cleanser. Step 2, the toner. And Step 3, the mask. Unlike other masks, this one has Salicylic Acid which is great for acne prone skins. It also helps exfoliate and removes the dead cells of your skin.

5-9. Red Line Full Set

The Full Set comes with the Red Foam Cleanser, Red Toner, Red Cream, Red Serum and the Centella Scar Ointment. So firstly, you’ll use the foam cleanser in washing your face. After that, make sure your face is now dry before using the Red Toner. The toner cleanses the skin further and it feels really light when applying. For me, the serum works better in the morning because the serum leaves a fresh feeling after use. The cream, on the other hand, works better when used at night because it moisturizes dehydrated skin after being under the sun all day. I haven’t tried the centella scar ointment but it has 1% centella asiatica extract which comes from a highly effective herb that heals wounds and it also helps heal damaged skin.


They also sell hair products that prevents hair loss. (This isn’t acne-related, but in addition, I’ll show it to you.)

10-12. Black Line Full Set

The Black Line consists of the Black Shampoo, Black Treatment and Black Tonic. This set has ingredients like dexpanthenol and nicontinamide that helps keep the hair and scalp healthy. Not only that, these products also help thicken the hair. I personally struggle with dry hair because of the harsh chemicals on some hair products which is why this is a great help to keep my hair looking volumized and healthy.


Right now, Medicube doesn’t have a franchise here in the Philippines but some online stores do sell their products which you can find on iprice.com and shopee.com. But if you want to directly order from Korea, I’ll leave their details below.


They cater shipping worldwide and they have a free shipping promo right now with a purchase of over $130!

That’s it! To spice things up, Medicube x Sincerely, Bee will be doing a giveaway with some of these products soon so stay tuned!


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    1. Yasss!! I tried the concealer and it’s super pigmented. Kaloka, yung cushion kasi hindi tone ng skin ko kaya sobrang sayang hahaha

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