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I was bored. It wasn’t my intention to post a blog about this. This is kind of an out-of-the-blue idea because like what I’ve said, I was bored. I’ve been busy lately because I already have a day job. My plan was to blog about the book I’m currently reading but up until now, I’m still stuck midway. I’m proud to say that I’ve got great books piled up and ready to be read. I’ll probably post book reviews pretty soon.

Anyway, back to this wishlist.. I fell in love with these clothes from Zalora. I want to put them in my closet soooo bad it makes me want to hurt my paycheck. My wardrobe needs to be updated because of the fast transition from being a college-girl-who-wears-baggy-clothes-and-leggings-at-school to working-girl-who-wears-heels-and-corporate-attire to save her life. It’s a struggle for me because I need to work really hard to look mature on my current job position. They say I look youngggg and it kind of sucks. lmao. But as you can see, the items that I picked from Zalora aren’t all for corporate attires because some of the clothes I saw are just too cute to handle and I couldn’t help myself but to add them to my wishlist.

I hope I can find the time to update my blog after 2-3 days because even I want to be active on the blogosphere again. I miss my old routine huhuhu.

PS: If you want to get a discount on Zalora, use my code to get 15% off!!Β images-img-ZBAPZAGD-1459422262


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  1. I love 1, 3, & 4. I had a slight obsession with wanting to wear midi skirts, so I purchased like 3 of them online without checking the size chart and they all ended up being too small for me πŸ™ I recently lost some weight so I hope to retry them again. I think tucking in flowy chiffon blouses to the midi skirts would be perfect.

    1. Aww. That’s a bummer. I hope you fit them now or have them repaired so it would fit, it’s hard to see them go to waste. Midi skirts are really lovely, it makes a person feel so classy and feminine. <3

  2. Now I wanna go shopping Haha, love the blue dress! I can totally relate sa struggle ng corporate attire. I have to wear heels for my internship… eh sa school shorts and slippers, pwede na! Haha.

  3. I love #3! I get what you mean from transitioning from college kid to corporate girl. I was forced to hurt my savings to get the proper office attire – just for them to announce a few months later that we’re changing the dress code to casual. Haha.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

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