How I Edit My Instagram Photos

how i edit my instagram photos

I get a few compliments here and there about my instagram feed and how it looks. Believe me, I’m not bragging or anything because I know that my feed is sooo far from perfect. L.O.L My feed has gone through a long process of growing and finding its style. I’m actually going for a clean-looking feed right now. Lately, I rarely post photos that are too colorful because as much as possible, I keep in mind that the photos should only have neutral colors.

Whenever I get compliments about my insta feed, it makes me really happy. They often ask me how I edit my photos or what filters do I use. So, for this blog post I will be sharing you how I edit my insta photos! 


The camera I use to capture photos most of the time is my iPhone 4 [and I always put HDR mode on]. But sometimes, I use some of the photos I took from my dslr and just transfer it to my phone. I use my other phone (Alcatel One Touch Sapphire 2) in editing because my iPhone doesn’t support some features from editing apps like VSCO’s paid presets. (I know it’s such a h.a.s.s.l.e) There are many editing apps available in the Playstore and App Store like Snapseed, A Beautiful Mess, Fragments, 1967 and many more but the main editing app that I use is VSCO. There are so many available great filters in VSCO (both paid and free).

There are 3 main vsco presets I use for editing. These are Hypebeast 2 (HB2), Analog / Aesthetic 6 (A6) and Street Etiquette 3 (SE3). These presets mostly have brown tones.

On the pictures below, I will show you how I edit my photo using SE3 preset.

1. Choose a photo that you like.  I chose a photo with a white background because I think SE3 looks great on photos like this.
Screenshot_2016-02-16-07-55-022. Click SE3 and lower it by -2 (SE3 +10).Screenshot_2016-02-16-07-56-53

3. Add +1 exposure. 


4. Raise the image’s contrast higher by 2. I think it improves the image’s hue and brightness.


5. Lastly, what I do is I sharpen the image. It obviously makes the image sharp and clearer.


Here’s the before and after of the image:


I do the same process when using other presets and I like playing it around because it always depends on the picture I took. This is just an example of how i like to edit my photos. It varies and it also changes from time to time.

What apps do you use on editing your instagram photos? What VSCO presets do you use the most?

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