Shopping makes the world a little better, amirite? Just recently, I decided to check Zalora just out of boredom and then the next thing I know my wishlist decided to grow. I don’t know about you but I love browsing for new steals and finds even when I’m not going to buy it pronto. Creating a wishlist actually helps me to not buy clothes on impulse (because I have a Masters degree on impulse purchasing). I badly want to buy these clothes/accessories/shoes because I’m trying to recreate my wardrobe. I will be graduating soon and I need to have pieces I can wear for work. Also because I recently just de-cluttered my closet and I was only left with half (or less) of the original amount of clothes I had. //sad

The Love Lace Dress (item #2) is my most wanted item right now, because I’ve been wanting to invest on a little white dress. I like how flowy it looks and how it has a bohemian vibe. It’s funny because I really didn’t intend to have a black-white-nude-gray color combo for my list but when I checked my wishlist, those were the colors of the items I chose. Neutrals are invading my closet!!

I love shopping and I know most girls do. When I’m really stressed out, it’s my form of stress-reliever; doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or not or even if it’s just window shopping, it lifts me up when I see clothes. Like when I go to the mall, I create outfits in my head when I see pieces that I like or when I browse in Zalora and find classy pieces I could wear in the future.

So anyway, what I like about Zalora is that they offer a lot of brands plus they have services like CASH ON DELIVERY, 30 DAYS FREE RETURNS and FREE DELIVERY* NATIONWIDE! Amazing, right?


Can you imagine shopping in the comfort of your home? Zalora will surely give you that. I love their CASH ON DELIVERY service because I won’t have to go to Cebuana or BDO, fall in line and wait for my turn to cash in. Usually they also have service charges for that so Zalora’s COD lets us save effort and money. Zalora also offers discount coupons which I love because WHO DOESN’T???


It’s Zalora’s birthday this month so if you find something you like, you can use my code: ZBAPZAGD for a 15% off treat!

Have you tried shopping in Zalora or any online store? How’s your experience?

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