SUPER DELAYED POST, Y’ALL. Last November 29, my co-teachers and I went on a roadtrip straight after class. I wasn’t really planning to join because I was trying to budget my money (bec it’s almost Christmas & also my birth month) but with just a little persuasion, I agreed to go. I was having a rough week that time, and I thought maybe I could hurt my salary for just a tad bit to have a stress-free mini vacay. And so I did.

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21 BEFORE 21


OKAY. I’ve got a little news for you—it was my birthday yesterday!! I just turned 21 he he he. I know some of you might be quite confused with the title but all shall be revealed in the right time (and by “right time” I mean later. So, sit back and relax for now teehee). I was planning to post two diff entries for my birthday experience & my “21 before 21” entry but I ran out of time!!! The original plan was to post this blog last saturday but I left my laptop in my apartment and so I miserably failed publish it. And failed to make a draft! Whoops! But since there’s no better time than now, why don’t we just combine both into one post? Amirite, amirite?

I feel so blessed because I was feeling quite down last week but my students made me feel really really happy when they surprised me. I wasn’t really expecting that they’d prepare something for me because after all, my birthday landed on a Sunday. But last Friday, they surprised me with letters and cupcakes. I cried, of course. It was like a huge baggage was lifted from me. I wasn’t really excited about my birthday because I was going through a rough patch but since Friday, I felt kind of giddy about it.


Also, last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Skyranch like what I’ve said on my previous post, we’ve been planning for this since November. Julian, my boyfriend, kinda have motion sickness and he already told me when we were in the bus that he wasn’t feeling well. Even when we went to Skyranch last year, he felt nauseous and I even bought him medicine that time because he really couldn’t take it any longer. Same thing happened this year, that is why right after we ate dinner, he took his medicine so he could ride some of the attractions. We weren’t able to try all of the rides because we were so tired. We’ve been walking a lot and we ate dinner almost immediately after we reached SM Pampanga so our stomachs were full before we went to Skyranch. The ones we tried are Pampanga Eye, Loop Coaster, Sky Cruiser and Express Train. Julian has sworn not to ride the Super Viking again cuz the last time, he puked right after the ride. Yikes! It was partially my fault cuz I insisted and I seriously felt bad right after. Anyways, we didn’t do it this year but I kept on teasing him to do it. It was kinda fun,

We also went to Papemelroti which is one of my favorite stores here in PH. It’s full of papers and artsy stuff which I love. I was looking around and saw a cute board with a quote on it (i really don’t know what it’s called, but just look at the above picture for reference.) I have two small of these at home with different quotations, of course. I told him that the board looks cute and was quite bigger than what I have. He asked me if I’m going to buy it. I told him no (I didn’t tell him I wasn’t going to buy it because it was pretty expensive lol). He kept nagging me, asking if I like it and if I was going to buy it. The guy went on and on and then he told me he was going to get it and give it to me. I find it funny because he doesn’t know how to surprise me LOL but it’s kind of sweet, too.


DECEMBER 4–MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’m just gonna storytell what happened real fast.. So, I bought a cake for my care group member because it’s also her birthday then after I went to church. After that, my care group members surprised me with flowers and balloons and cake. I felt touched, to be honest, because I don’t get flowers a lot. And I feel like it’s really sweet when you give flowers to someone. At 4pm, my family and I went to Starbucks with Julian and then we had dinner while having a meeting with another churchmate for the Youth Christmas Party of our church. I’m so excited for what’s going to happen this December!! (But I need to tone down my expenses bec I’m about to go broke cuz my savings bid its goodbye yesterday) I CRI

Just so you know, I’m typing this blog post right now time check 11:55pm of December 4, so it’s still my birthday but of course when I’m finished writing this, it’ll already be December 5 and I’ll be forced to edit my intro. Ugh, why did I ever forget to make a draft earlier?????????

This year has been a roller coaster for me. So many things happened, it has been a series of ups and downs. But I’m really grateful for another year God has given me. All the life lessons I’ve learned were worthy of all the bad patches I’ve dealt with this year. And nowwwwww, I want to share with you 21 things I’ve learned before I turned 21.

  1. It’s okay to feel lost. You’re not supposed to know everything and have your life go the way you planned because it doesn’t run that way. It’s okay to feel lost.
  2. Do not try to please everyone. You’ll end up disappointed and hurt because the truth is: YOU WILL NEVER PLEASE EVERYONE.
  3. Do not invest on temporary people. Period.
  4. Learn to stand on your own.
  5. Don’t build walls; build bridges. Lower your freakin’ pride.
  6. Embrace your flaws. Everything about you is a masterpiece.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to other people. 
  9. Let go of toxic people.
  10. Find joy in every situation.
  11. Give generously.
  12. Don’t rush things. Be patient.
  13. Being alone is okay. You don’t have to feel scared of it.
  14. Appreciate the bad.
  15. Love even when you’re hurt. Because love heals.
  16. Be kind to yourself.
  17. Overthinking kills.
  19. Forgive the people who hurt you.
  20. You are a work in progress. Cut the nega vibes & think positive.
  21. Accept everything and move forward.

Phew! That’s about it. I’m so excited on what’s going to happen this December and on 2017. Hoping for a December full of good memories.

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It’s been like 4 months since I last posted here and I feel really excited to finally blog again. The reason why I wasn’t around for the past few months is because my domain expired and I just had it renewed yesterday. Owning your own domain is really costly, to be honest, but it’s kinda worth it.

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hello, real world!


I know this post is way overdue but I figured it’s better late than never, amirite?To be honest, I wasn’t going to post this — not because I don’t want to share this momentous occasion with you but because I didn’t have great quality photos of the said event which is kind of sad. It has been almost a month since I graduated from college with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

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Dress — SM Woman CAREER (similar) / Shoes — HUE Manila (similar, similar)

I badly need to stop looking awkward in my photos. Yikes. My aunt is kind enough to actually take most of my outfit shots probably because I keep nagging her about it. Thank you, Tita. I was sweating a lot when we took these photos a while ago because of the crappy weather we have right now here in PH. It kind of felt irritating, maybe that’s why I look awkward? Because I’m not comfortable? Pshh.. Bee, can u not? 

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How To Survive Uni

how to survive uni

This post is purely experience-based. I’m not saying y’all should do it because it applies to everyone of us, no. Okay, moving on…

Hello guys! I know I’ve been AWOL since last April because I seriously couldn’t find the time to inject blogging on my new schedule, sorry! I’ve been away because of the huge amount of requirements and responsibilities I needed to fulfill: from reporting to documentary shooting which lasted for more than a month to sponsoring and organizing a seminar to designing the promotional poster and certificates to editing our documentary to finishing the paper and so on.. God, thinking about it makes me feel thankful they’re finally over. And since all my class requirements are almost over and my grades are out, I can finally say that I’m graduating this June!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay.

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Hello! I haven’t posted a ‘life recently’ blog in a while so I decided to go ahead and share you what has been happening lately. It’s 12:02 am right now while I’m writing this. “Why are you still up?”, you may ask but welp I really don’t know. I’m torn between getting some shut-eye and blog hopping-slash-blogging and as you can see, I chose the latter. Ha!

School works have been piling up because of the delays of deadlines since last month. As you may or may not know, I’m graduating this June so I needed to get my thesis and docu and other school-related stuff done a.s.a.p. I really want to graduate on time and I do believe I will. These past few days, I’m really pumped up on getting things done which is really weird because most of the time I always choose to procrastinate. My body was still on vacation-mode last January-mid of February so I felt kind of lazy all the time. Good thing I overcame that phase and I seriously hope I stay motivated like this until the end of the semester. 

So a while ago, I went to the mall to buy a new lipstick because my go-to lipstick went missing. I seriously don’t remember where I put it or where it went. So lately, I feel kind of conscious about the lipsticks I wear because they’re just not the right lipstick. If you know what I mean. Anyway, back to the story… I went to the mall inorder to buy a new ‘everyday-lipstick’. I looked for other brands to try and maybe find new shades that will suit me because I kid you not I only own the same shades in different brands. My lipstick shades are composed of brown and a darker brown (more like maroon-brown but you get what i’m sayin). I’m seriously frustrated with myself because everytime I try a new shade, it won’t suit me. Or so I think. Maybe I’m just not used to other shades because I’ve been using the same shade for a long time? I don’t know. On my last post, I said that I won’t be spending for a few weeks but I’m really driven to look for a lipstick that I’ll do everything to sacrifice and hurt my wallet. I’m that desperate.

On other news, it’s my domain’s 6th monthsarry on the 17th (or birthday?)!  So I’m planning to have a giveaway and will probably be posting about the giveaway later this week or early next week. I actually wanted to host it last December as a birthday + Christmas giveaway but if you’re around here for a long time, you’d know our internet got disconnected around that time. We still don’t have internet connection btw but I managed to find a way to get wifi through my phone’s hotspot. Phew! The sad news is that, the giveaway is only available for residents of the Philippines. I’m quite clueless on how to send stuff overseas through post office. I know that certain couriers offer international shipping but it’s a bit pricey for me. He he  Keep posted for this one!

What have you been up to lately?


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Palawan Escapade


This post is waaaaay over due. Hello people! I’m really sorry for not posting for more than a month. I’ve been meaning to post this one since we got home from the trip but I’ve procrastinated a lot for the past few weeks so I needed to get my requirements done pronto.

I didn’t take much photos from the trip because our tours mostly were either at night, in the dark or in the middle of the river/sea.  Some of the photos were from my mother’s cam roll. Photo credits to my mom. Lol


Anyways, last November 27-December 1 was our Palawan trip. If you do not know Palawan, it’s a magnificent island in the Philippines (you should go google it out, you might want to go there someday). Our flight was supposedly November 27 but we got held up because of the strong wind.  My brother, uncle, a churchmate of ours and I were stuck in the airport for a night. It was pretty traumatic, actually. (lol, kidding) We slept in the holding area because we didn’t want to go to the hotel accommodation. We thought it was a hassle. And though we didn’t quite get the amount of sleep we deserve, it was a good choice since the hotel wasn’t any better according to some of the people who also got held up.

We got boarded the day after and landed right around noon. It was pretty much exhausting. My parents wanted to go straight to the tour but we were pretty much stinky and tired so rested for a bit and took a bath and then went straight ahead to Daluyon Beach. From there we were supposed to head to the Underground River but due to bad weather, the coast guard advised to cancel the tour. We didn’t complain, the weather was pretty dangerous.

Ate Dayne (our churchmate), Bence (mi bro), Dad, Me and my Mom.

The next day tho, the weather wasn’t bad so we finally went to the Underground River. We rode a boat to go to the island where the Underground River was.  To be honest, I was really scared because it was a first for me to ride a boat and be in the middle of the sea. I’ve watched numerous of movies where boats sink, and sharks kill and piranhas too and all I could think about was my future coz I don’t ever want to die there. I really fear dying on a plane crash and drowning, I kid u not.





I wish I could show you photos of how amazing the Underground River was, but it was too dark inside. Lol. It was beautiful and when you see it, you’ll be awestruck. No wonder it belongs to the New 7 Wonders of Nature. 🙂

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The lower portion of the river is subject to tidal influences. The underground river is reputed to be the world’s longest. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water’s edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave.


We also went to different tourist spots such as Mitra’s Farm and Baker’s Hill where I tasted―for the first time―crocodile sisig. Croc meat tasted like ordinary meat but I really don’t like eating exotic food so that might be the last.

col IMG_2479

We also did the Iwahig Firefly Watching. Again, we rode a boat but in pitch dark this time. I was with my mom and ate Dayne. It was still windy so we didn’t see much fireflies but the view of the night sky was breathtaking. There were plenty of stars that night and it was so beautiful.

The day before our flight home, we went island hopping from Honda Bay to Pambato Reef to Luli Island and to Cowrie Island.





There are still so many places to explore in Palawan but sadly, we just stayed for 4 days because we have things to do back home. This trip crossed out many of things on my bucketlist and hopefully next year, I’ll experience more adventures! More wanders to come! <3

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  • I’ve been procrastinating a lot since the start of November, even when it comes to blogging. (sorry!!!)
  • My friends say that I’m sooooo thin (i mean thinner than before).  It’s all because of stress. Right now, I’m trying really hard to gain weight.
  • I really thought hell week’s over but boy am I so wrong!! I’ve been moping around, fearlessly dodging any responsibility that comes my way but it seems like my responsibilities whisper “you can run but you cannot hide” in my dreams.
  • Went to the salon and had my hair rebonded (and slightly dyed it).
  • Traveled all by myself the other day in a place I’m not familiar with and I survived. (yay!)
  • Currently having an itchy throat and a runny nose. I don’t wanna be sick. 🙁 🙁 🙁
  • Planning to collab with blogger friends soon + will be posting a giveaway later this month!
  • Will be leaving for Palawan (been dreaming bout this for y-e-a-r-s) on November 27 but currently not hyped because of all thiz stress (ya feel what i feel? huhu)
  • Oh, and I recently started using the Rejuvenating set from Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin and will post a review after a month. He he
  • My mantra this week: eat healthy, blog queue posts, face responsibilities, be productive and lastly, survive the week.

‘Nuff of me, how’s your November so far lovely people? 🙂

listening to: bring me the night, sam tsui & kina grannis // just a dream, sam tsui & christina grimmie

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Hi! I’m sorry for not blogging for more than a week. School has been super tiring and it’s stressing and draining me out. I feeeel so emotionally and physically exhausted just thinking of the activities we did. To be honest, I already saved a draft that should’ve been posted on Thursday but decided not to blog it because it was blog post full of mehhhhhh. I promise to post more frequently these following days!

There’s a super typhoon right now in the Philippines and it’s really scary because of its strong wind. Electricity has been in and out since Saturday midnight so it was really hard for me to update you all. Thankfully, though, our province is now just Signal no. 1.

Earlier this morning, the rain stopped pouring and my mom and I went to the city to finish some appointments. We also went to SM and she bought me a few things which made me so ecstatic. Lol. Perks of being her PA for the day. Tomorrow, we’ll be going back to SM to check if there’s a 50mm lens available in the camera store (yay!).

As you can see (if it’s not obvious enough), I c hanged my theme into Mary Kate by Angie Makes. Remember my old post when I was desperately looking for a pre-made theme to buy?  Well I found one and it’s free! (But she does have a premium one that costs around 70$ I think?) Anyway, I really like the features of this theme. The one thing that I want to change is the size of the fonts. I think they’re too big. Lol. But all in all, I love it and I’m going to use this until I buy myself a custom made one.

Also, very recently, I started watching Scream Queens mainly bec I was intrigued and bec Emma Roberts is there. Also Ari and Nick and Lea. Soooooooo, although this tv series creeps me out I think it’s really gooood. It’s funny and I love what the Chanels wear. Lol.

What are you up to recently? 🙂

now watching: Scream Queens S01E05

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