year end clothing haul

Oops, I did it again. *cue in britney*, kidding. December was really a month of impulse buying for me. I mean, there were sale items everywhere! I actually didn’t go to the mall that much during the holiday season but alas, my old friends aka online shops came to haunt me. I wasn’t planning on buying stuff for myself but I just couldn’t help it. I told myself it wouldn’t hurt that much to treat yourself once in a while. After all, it was the month of giving! And so I gave in. These were the stuff I bought on the last week of December.

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I-WAS-BORED wishlist


I was bored. It wasn’t my intention to post a blog about this. This is kind of an out-of-the-blue idea because like what I’ve said, I was bored. I’ve been busy lately because I already have a day job. My plan was to blog about the book I’m currently reading but up until now, I’m still stuck midway. I’m proud to say that I’ve got great books piled up and ready to be read. I’ll probably post book reviews pretty soon.

Anyway, back to this wishlist..

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Dress — SM Woman CAREER (similar) / Shoes — HUE Manila (similar, similar)

I badly need to stop looking awkward in my photos. Yikes. My aunt is kind enough to actually take most of my outfit shots probably because I keep nagging her about it. Thank you, Tita. I was sweating a lot when we took these photos a while ago because of the crappy weather we have right now here in PH. It kind of felt irritating, maybe that’s why I look awkward? Because I’m not comfortable? Pshh.. Bee, can u not? 

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This Week’s Haul

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m suffering from common cold right now, yes you got that right–suffering. I loathe having a cold and not to mention what comes after it (cough and flu!!). I’ve been feeling sick since Thursday evening but I thought it was just the lack of sleep. Last friday it finally got worse. My head ached, I had runny nose and it hurts because I constantly have to wipe my nose. I really hate feeling and being sick especially because I have mild asthma and when I get sick like this, it’s really hard to breathe.

Anyway, back to the other situation…

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gray ribbed top + bandage skirt


Ribbed top  ― Online shop (similar, similar) / Bandage skirt  ― H&M (similar) / Ballet flats ― Solemates / Suede bag ― Parisian


Ribbed tops are the b.o.m.b. I actually have three of them in different colors (black, gray and white). I find them cute and so comfy to wear. I even wear them to sleep (hihi because I could not take them off). I usually wear this kind of top with joni jeans or bandage skirts or even A-line skirts. For this outfit, I partnered my gray ribbed top with my H&M bandage skirt that i snagged from a local thrift store for only 100 php!!! It is definitely 100% a steal! To be honest, I’m not really into wearing skin-tight clothes (especially skirts) because I get too conscious but this skirt really gives me confidence and comfort at the same time! Thank God I found this skirt before someone else did because that would’ve been a bummer. lol

We still don’t have internet connection at home right now and I’m still using my hotspot to connect. I did buy a lot of artsy and organizing stuff last week so I will probably post a mini haul or just feature some of the things I bought in my future posts. We’ll see.

Do you own any ribbed top? What’s your take on these kind of tops?

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